About Us

We hold an auction every Friday night starting at 6 pm. Our crowds average between 300 – 400 people on any given Friday. We have seating for over 200 in our main room & we provide a full line concession stand. We operate 2 separate rings during each sale. The rings are segregated by the type & quality of the merchandise in them. Our main ring is for collectibles, antiques or “room ready” type items while the second ring consists of tools, outdoor equipment, vehicles, used furniture, housewares, home decor, etc.  Our customers consist of all types of people – from serious collectors to young families.

We handle all household contents (furniture, appliances, collectibles, toys, home decor, glassware, tools, etc.), antiques, as well as cars, trucks, boats, tools & yard equipment.

Auctions are every Friday night. On Fridays, doors open at noon for previewing items and the auction starts at 6 pm.


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